New Zealand Country Women


Portrait Photography book “New Zealand Country Women”

“New Zealand Country Women is at once a tribute, a celebration and a crafted mosaic. This New Zealand quilt is stitched and woven with great patience by Michelle Moir. Not just a simple collection of images and quotations, Michelle’s photographs are artistic and soulful. They capture and reflect the character and temperament of the women’s words that accompany them. There is a trust of the photographer evident… I celebrate this publication and congratulate all who have played a part in New Zealand Country Women.

Marilyn J. Waring


“We see her and we hear her.

Michelle Moir is an artist who has spent a decade looking closely at women. Her looking has become a close knowing, and the results of her personal friendships are celebrated in this tender book.

Michelle has the talent to recognise what makes people unique. She recognises their ability to live their life as who they are as a whole person. This book portrays everyday country life in New Zealand as an increasingly rare gem.”

Ron Brownson,
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki


“My praise of this beautiful publication is endless. Michelle Moir deserves the highest accolades for her sensitive presentation of our very own New Zealand country women…In every photo Moir has captured the personal character, surrounded by her own special environment, in such a way that it not only completes the story – it reaches out and almost touches you.”

Pam Drylie, Capital Times


“The photographs are breathtaking – each manages to encapsulate the life of the woman featured… When I first got the book all I did was flip through the pages thinking these great photographs can’t go right through the book; they do.

The book has obviously been put together with a tremendous amount of respect for the women featured, an understanding of their environments and a true love of photography.”

Brenda Webb, Marlborough Express

I grew up on a dairy farm in the Whangaripo Valley in Northland, so the representation of country women has always been an important focus for me.

The medium of photography has taken me into the lives of rural women all over New Zealand, from high country stations in the South Island to the far north of the North Island. Finding them, to begin with, occurred by word of mouth and the subsequent photographs and interviews took place during a series of intensive blocks of travelling.

The women represented in this photography book come from a diverse range of backgrounds, but share a common thread – they all live in rural New Zealand, often in isolated, off the beaten track areas.

These are women whose faces and voices are not often seen or heard. By combining photographic portraits with interviews, it is possible to listen to the realities and the dreams of these New Zealand Country Women.

Michelle Moir